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Northern Goldfish & Pondkeepers Society

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  The Society meets at the Church Inn, Church   Lane, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1AJ on the   second Tuesday of every month at 8pm.

  All aspects of Goldfish history, husbandry,   breeding and showing are covered, live fish   are often featured, visiting speakers attend   and society visits are arranged in a friendly,   informal atmosphere. Members have access   to rare goldfish varieties that just can't be   bought in the shops.

  Annual fees payable in April are £15 per   single  adult, £5 for under 21s and £18.50
  for a family - subscriptions (cheques to
  'NGPS') to your Chairman: Sherridan Moores,
  19, Manley Road, Sale, Cheshire. M33 4EG
  Phone number -

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    Latest News
   The Nationwide Standards for Goldfish in
    the UK have been published.  See your
    copy via the PDF link on the next page…

   More News
The DVD ‘Beautiful Underwater Worlds’
   about President Bill Ramsden’s lifetime of
   breeding Show Goldfish, has been redone
   with faults removed and comments updated
   … you can see it on line if you have
   YouTube.  Search for ‘BillsGoldfish’  - it is
   1 hour & 5 mins., with lots of advice.

   Even More News - to see the amazing size,
   variety and quality of the late Tommy Sutton’s
   Goldfish go to YouTube and search for
   ‘tommysuttonsgoldfish’. (It is 7 Mins. long)
   or copy and paste this link into your web
   browser page ….

   NGPS News
   The new format Newsletters have been
    published and the archived ones from
    2014 and 2015 are available by clicking
    their icon on the next page.

    To receive the monthly Newsletter by post
    (if you do not have an Internet connection)
    you need to be a paid-up member and
    registered with the editor:

    Most members have an email address and
    receive the Newsletters as a PDF document
    attached.  Because of the high cost of
    postage, this is the preferred method
    please use it where you can.
    Social and activity news are available on
    the PC website - visit via the link at the top.  
    Sad News
  One of the most respected Goldfish Breeders in
    the hobby, Jim Day of BAS, has died.  An
    obituary will be added to the NGPS May
    Newsletter and we expect the Bristol Aquarist
    Society will feature his life story.  Meanwhile we
    send our sympathy and thoughts to his family
    and many friends.